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November 2019

November 10th, 2019
Open House in our new Northvale, NJ training Space


Open House Nov 10 2019 - text

Friday, October 11th 2019
The 30th anniversary of the New York Buddhist Church

The celebration will take place at 10 am, Puzhao Temple, 20 Eldridge Street, NY


September 2019

September 29th 2019
Mid-Autumn Celebration

Pier 6, Brooklyn Park (entrance at Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street), 2019.
The celebration will include a variety of cultural and artistic activities, including art performances, shop booths and Chinese cuisine.

celebration sep 29 2019


August 2019

August 17th 2019
The American International Dragon & Lion Dance Festival

We are proud to take part in this amazing event with this inspiring community that honors the grandeur of Chinese culture.

August 17th 2019 festival

July 31th, August 7th, 14th, 2019
Tai Chi Summer Series with Ed D'Urso 

This event is at The Playful Yoga Space in Orangeburg, NY. Click here for details and registration.

August 3rd 2019
inaugural International Lou Reed Tai Chi Day

Simultaneous celebrations in NYC, Paris, Warsaw, Berlin, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

Our school will take part in the demonstrations at the NYC event, happening at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library’s Grand Lobby, The event begins at 8:30 AM.

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Lou Reed and his Tai Chi teacher Master Ren Guang Yi


July 2019

July 6th 2019

Community Tai Chi on the Bell-Ans lawn, with our friends from Roots Cafe

Bell Ans Tai Chi


June 2019

June 30th 2019

From the festival:

Group picture

dragon front

For updates and questions about the festival go to the Facebook event page.

We are proud to announce that NY Lotus Light of Brooklyn and The Fire Mountain School of Nyack will be hosting the First Annual Hudson River Dragon & Lion Dance and Chinese Martial Arts Festival at Nyack Beach State Park on June 30th from 12-4pm.

The event will feature performances from highly respected and internationally renown Chinese Martial Art Schools and Lion Dance teams.

We have had the rare privilege and great good fortune to be accepted into this incredible Chinese Culture and martial arts community in NYC and beyond. We wish to share this great experience with a wider audience and to honor and preserve this cultural legacy.

June 9th 2019

Lion Dance blessing for J-Petal the new Ice Cream shop 85 Main Street Nyack


May 2019

May 15th 2019


April 2019

April 2nd 2019
Growth Mindset Invitation
April 2019, 10TH, 17TH
May 2019, 1st, 8TH 
Professional development course for educators

The Energy Factor for Educators

Click the link above to learn more about the course. Click the image below to get the course details and to sign up.

Stress, Energy, and Empowering access to the Growth Mindset. An inspired solution to the learning process in the modern world. An application of Chinese Martial Arts, human development, current neuroscience and stress research that empowers the practitioner. It addresses the pressure to efficiently learn and teach, the sense of being overwhelmed by academic demands, the fear of failure, and the imperative of success. By revealing the hidden energy demands of stress and connecting the student with A.E.Q. energy, this system empowers the student beyond stress "management' to unlock the Dynamic mind (Hippocampus) and grow the "Growth mindset" with A.E.Q. Energy. Without this knowledge, the "Growth mindset" remains another ideal state. And like others, is limited by the real and inescapable demands of the learning process and the education system.

So there it is. Success comes down to energy demand. Learning without managing energy is like trying to drive a car cross-country without know about fuel and refuelingyou are going to run out of fuel and when that happens you must push the mind up the mountains of learning, or give up. Neither option is either fun nor efficient.

Rockland Institue Sign up to the Professional Development course—The Energy Factor: Optimizing Learning and Balancing Stress with Gong Fu and Resilient Stress Management


March 2019

March 17TH 2019
New York International Wushu Championships
Shifu Ed participated in 6 events.

March 2019 Championship


March 10, 2019
Taiji Dao Workshop Beginner/Advanced

Extend your Wu Chan Taiji practice. Begin to learn to wield a sword using Taiji principles. Sword required. 

Advanced Taiji Dao includes refinements, details, Mandarin and beginning Fa Jin.


February 2019

February 2019
Chinese New Year—Cultural Temple Festival


The Fire Mountain School Lion Dance Team co-performs with Master Lin and the NY Lotus Light Association team.

Eric L. Adams, District Administrator, Brooklyn District Government, New York; The Brooklyn Arch Society of New York, China and the United States co-sponsored the first China New Year Temple Festival in New York.

CHINESE NEW YEAR Celebration—Throughout Brooklyn Chinatown 
Tuesday-Thursday FEBRUARY 5TH-7th

The Fire Mountain School Lion Dance Team co-performs for businesses in the area with Master Lin and the NY Lotus Light Association team.


January 2019

CHINESE NEW YEAR—Inauguration ceremony for NEW YORK STATE SENATOR Andrew Gounardes
Sunday January 27TH

The Fire Mountain School Lion Dance Team co-performed with the NY Lotus Lights team.